Christina grew up in a family of nine in Boston, where she started singing in clubs at the age of 14. Her early schooling in Blues and Rock helped her jump right into the scene when she moved to L.A. where she immediately started working as a studio singer for Motown and other labels. Including singing on the original recording of the hit "Papa Don't Preach", later recorded by Madona. During that time she was approached for a recording contract by Warner Bros. Records and had a pop release under her name on the WB label. Now, realizing her roots she has gone back to singing rock & blues.... She has worked with Rufus, Joe Sample, Ziggy Marley, Billy Preston, Parliament Funkadelic, among many others. Currently, she is writing and recording for a new upcoming CD and performing with her own band in Los Angeles.

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"Mama Pearl".... a tribute to Janis Joplin:
Stay tuned for a new feature film about the life story of Janis Joplin starring Amy Adams, which feature's Christina on the soundtrack as the voice of Janis.....

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Christina Vierra is a multi-medium artist, she has successfully worked as a singer, songwriter, entertainer, artist, painter and interior designer.
she discovered a passion for jewelery making as a way to give symbolic gifts. with bella fiore, she found that she could combine symbolic
jewlery with another love.....painting flowers have always been symbolic of many things- love, friendship, compassion and more. now Bella Fiore
can be that flower that lasts a lifetime. each flower has been individually hand painted and crafted to a unique necklace design, adorned with
crystals and faux or freshwater pearls. there are also beautiful matching earring sets and bracelets.


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